No sound in apps on iOS

On certain iOS devices the DragonBox apps appear to have no sound. This issue is usually solvable if you follow the steps in this article.

NOTE! There are many different iPads and iPhones and many different versions of iOS, so things might not look exactly the same as the images below.

Basic troubleshooting

1. Make sure you have the newest version of the game installed.

2. Make sure volume is turned on within the app. This can be found in the settings menu of each app.

3. Make sure that hardware sound is turned up using the volume up/down buttons.

4. Make sure that the sound is turned on using the Silent/Screen rotation lock (See advanced troubleshooting step 2)

5. Make sure "software mute" is turned off (iOS 9 or older)

6. Make sure "Do not disturb" mode is turned off

Advanced troubleshooting

There is a bug in iOS that can result in game apps having sound while other apps do. This problem is likely to appear right after an update of iOS. The reason why it might seem as if our apps are the only ones without sound, is because games use sound differently than apps like Spotify or Facebook. If you are experiencing this problem, please do the following.

1. After an update a bug can cause the sound of games to stop working (See video for details). The solution is to toggle mono on and off using the following steps:

1a. Go to settings and click "General".

1b. Click "Accessibility"

1c. Find the "Mono toggle" and toggle it to "on".

1d. Check the DragonBox app you are using to see if the sound works now.

1e. If it works you should be able to toggle it of again and experience the pleasures of stereo sound.

2. Make sure the "Silent/Screen rotation lock" has the proper functionality (See video for details).

2a. Go to settings and click "General".

2b. Change the "Silent/Screen rotation lock" to "mute"

2c. Try the app again and toggle the "Silent/Screen rotation lock" of and on to see if this turns the sound on.

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