WeWantToKnow Store

The WeWantToKnow Store allows you to purchase Windows (<8) and Mac versions of DragonBox Algebra 5+, with support for volume purchase using coupons.

Purchase Process

We recommend you to start by reading the full purchase description

Downloading the software: after you purchase the software on our site, you will receive 3 emails:

  • one to acknowledge your payment (e.g. from Paypal)
  • one from us to acknowledge the order number
  • one with links to download your game. The link comes from notifications@fetchapp.com and has the following subject: "Downloads for Order xxxx"

Volume purchase/coupons: if you purchase the game for 20 or more users, you can get a 50% rebate. Use the coupon SCHOOLS-TWENTY to reclaim it. Currently, the coupon has the be entered AFTER you have enterred your paypal information. We know this is unatural, and are working on improving this.

Here's a list of potential issues you might encounter:

Order expired

If you download your software more than 3 times, the order will expire. Contact us if for some reason you need to reopen it.

Not received my orders

Sometimes the emails will not reach the customers, e.g. when they register the wrong email, or a mail ends up in spam box. In that case, contact us and give us as much information as possible as it will ease the resolution:

  • your order number, the amount paid, the products purchased
  • if you cannot find your order number (e.g. you haven't received confirmation emails, or only have a proof of purchase from your bank statement), please give us the exact purchase date. This one might differ from the booked date or interest date that appears on your bank account statement. Make sure to check your credit card statement as well.
  • make sure to give us the name and email you gave the payment system when you did the transaction. Also give us the email you should have used if you made a mistake.
  • give us your country & town as registered for your credit card

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