Chess Kingdom Beta Program

To apply to the Beta Testing program, please fill out the registration form.

Beta testing registration process

Once we have accepted your request to access our beta test program, to install the game on your device(s):

  • if you are on iOS, you will receive an email from Apple TestFlight and you will need to follow this procedure.
  • if you are on Android / Google Play, here's the procedure.

A few days later, we will ask you for feedback.

If you have any problem, see our Frequently Asked Questions above or take contact with us at

iOS / Apple Beta Program

Once we register you on Apple TestFlight, you will receive an email to enter the Beta.

Open this email on the iOS device you want to play on.

Click View in TestFlight. If TestFlight isn't installed and Apple will take you to a page with instructions

and you will install TestFlight like any other app

Once TestFlight is installed:

you will be able to redeem the code and install the app:

Now open the app:


Android / Google Play Beta Program

WARNING: The Google Play Beta program requires you to make a transaction with the Play Store. You will need to have a payment system registered on the Play Store. When you are done playing, ask us for a refund. Note: doing this *WILL* remove the game and its saved data.

Getting access to the Beta program requires you to give us your Google email.

Once we've added you, you will be able to proceed to to become a tester:

Once you become a tester you can access the beta by downloading it from Google Play:

Google Play requires you to make a transaction:

But again, this transaction will be a test transaction.

Install the game on your device


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