The Unity WebPlayer plugin

About the Unity WebPlayer?

The Unity WebPlayer is a plugin that allows you to play graphics heavy applications in your browser. It is similar to the Adobe Flash Player, but it is designed specifically for games.

System requirements for the Unity WebPlayer

A full list of Unity WebPlayer requirements can be found here.

Potential problems with the Unity WebPlayer

Initializing.... TriggeredGetData error

This error indicates a problem with permissions. This could be because the trial of subscription has expired, the user is not connected properly to the organization or teacher. If this error occurs you will have to contact support at

Slow Loading time

The loading time depends a lot on your bandwidth. The game requries the download of a 35 megabyte file.

Graphical Glitches

The game requires a graphics processing unit that can support the UnityWebPlayer. More information about the system requirements can be found here.

Lost Data

DragonBox EDU requires internet access for progress logging and teacher reporting purposes. If such a problem occurs we encourage you to note the time when the error occured and the user it happend to. If this error occurs you will have to contact support at

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