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DragonBox helper codes

There are times when taking a shortcut can be necessary. You might have lost progress, need to move ahead quickly, or just need to get an overview of what lies ahead.

Therefore we have implemented ways to help you in these situations. All of these "shortcuts" are opened by naming your profile a certain way.

Magnus' Kingdom of Chess:

Name the profile "WWTK"    
  • A gear icon on the side of the screen (in the main menu or in a level) allows to access any levels or get any resources

Big Numbers:

Name the profile "WWTK"  
  • Time passes much faster, causing resources to replenish at a much faster rate
  • Press and hold for 3 seconds on the top of the shrine to receive 2000 of all resources
  • Double tap on any locked level to unlock it
  • Double tap any builder-noom to complete the build instantly
It is only recommended that you use this code if you need to get back lost progress. If you rename the profile to something other than "WWTK" the speed will return to normal, but any resources gained and levels unlocked will remain this way.

DragonBox Numbers: 

Name the profile "WWTK"    
  • All levels are unlocked
  • You receive large sum of coins to access previous levels

DragonBox Algebra 5+:
DragonBox Algebra 12+:
DragonBox Elements:

Name the profile "ALLOPEN"  
  • Unlock all the levels of the game and start wherever you want in the game. 

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