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Bug / Windows / problem reporting tips

If you are unfortunate to run into a Windows problem, first make sure to check the system requirements.

Installation Problems

If the problem happens during installation, maybe the downloaded file was corrupted. Let's try verifying it first. Download an MD5 verifier tool (e.g. from:, and use it on the .msi file you downloaded, you should get. Verify it against the files:

File nameExpected MD5

If the MD5 don't match, try to download the file again.

If you get a "Error reading from file ... .msi Verify that the file exists and that you can access it" error, then you may have a permission error.

Crash Issues

If the game was installed properly but crashes at startup, most often this is caused by an improper video card driver installation. Contact us and we will send you a debug build that will generate a crash file. E.g. that file will contain information such as
Initialize engine version: 4.0.1f2
GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1
d3d: no support for this device type (accelerated/ref)
D3D9 initialization failed, trying OpenGL
GfxDevice: creating device client; threaded=1
    Version:  OpenGL 1.1 [1.1.0]
    Renderer: GDI Generic
    Vendor:   Microsoft Corporation
    VRAM:     64 MB (via fallback)
    Extensions: GL_WIN_swap_hint GL_EXT_bgra GL_EXT_paletted_texture
    WGL extensions: none!
GL: disabling multisample because WGL_ARB_pixel_format not fully supported
GLContext: failed to activate 10000: De opgegeven bron is bezet.
This combined with a DxDiag (see below) diagnostic often will point us into the direction of an unproperly graphic card driver. This usually requires finding a new driver from either the computer maker or the graphic card driver maker.

General Troubleshooting Tips

If you still think the game should run properly, we will ask you to give us more information about your system:

  • your computer model
  • your operating system version (including service level pack)
  • your graphic card model
  • attach DxDiag (and maybe HijackThis) logs to help us to diagnose technical or game problems.
  • please include any screenshots of any bugs or errors that you get.

Please do not copy and then paste the text of these logs into your reply. Attach them instead.

We'll take look at these log files and give you feedback on your issue.


To create a dxdiag log, go to Start, click on Run (or Search if using Windows 7 or Vista), then type in dxdiag and press Enter on your keyboard.

Click on Save All Information, then attach the text file to this ticket (If on a 64bit system, look for and click on the Save 64bit Dxdiag button beside the Save All Information button).


To create the HijackThis log, Download HijackThis and save it, then install it. Click Do a system scan and save a log file.

Please mail us at to get help! 

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