Translators Welcome!

For translation, we are using the Crowdin online service to crowdsource our translations for DragonBox Algebra 5+ and 12+ as well as DragonBox Elements.

To become a translator, it is best if you already played the app and have access to the latest version.

See and

The process is as follows:

  • if your language isn't listed, ask us to add it.
  • navigate to your language specific page, e.g. for Turkish
  • create an account on Crowdin
  • For the game, translate the two files. Tips:
  • Make sure you pay attention to multilines text
  • Look at the context & screenshots for help. Sometimes there are some important instructions in them
  • The file inside of the DB1 folder is for 5+
  • The file at the bottom is for 12+
  • The AppStores folder contains the text to create a localized appstore page for the 12+ game. This is optional.
  • Let us know you've completed a translation. We will review it and integrate it in our online builds, available from You will get a beta-tester account to validate the builds.
A few weeks/months later, an official build will appear on your preferred app store.

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