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Use of dragons, pentagrams and other pagan symbols

Why is there a pentagram on the options book of DragonBox Algebra 5+?

The pentagram is the simplest regular star polygon. As mathematicians we think it's a beautiful geometrical figure !

But it is also a symbol associated with witchcraft and satanic worship !

Are you accusing us of satanism ? The pentagram has a long non mathematical history related to various cultures and religions. See

But you also use dragons, the creatures of the devil!

Enough of that ! We got 666 questions about this already.


The Number of the Beast has 2 variants, 666 and 616. The difference between these numbers is 50, equal to the number of stars in the American flag, all represented with filled up pentagrams! Coincidence ? I think not...

In other words, one sees what one wants to see...

( this article is meant to be satirical, but the questions have all been raised by concerned customers )

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