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Bug / The game or the phone is unresponsive. How do I fix it ?

The game can become unresponsive because of various reasons:

  • Some bugs can cause the game to appear unresponsive, e.g. if some or all of the buttons disappear or become unresponsive. Typically the music keeps playing.
  • The screen displays garbled graphics. The music may or may not be playing.
  • The device is completely hanged, often because of a low level operating system bug, perhaps caused by our product. Operating system functions do not respond at all (e.g. switching to another app). Usually music is off.
If the game is unresponsive, you should try quitting the application, then restarting the app. Sometimes you might also need to restart the device.

To quit DragonBox, on Android, try navigating back to the start menu then use the quit button. Use the system task manager if the program isn't responding at all.

On iOS, you have to kill the program using the following technique. Double click the home button, the interface will slide up and reveal a second dock-like set of app icons "in the background". To kill an app, tap and hold the app until the icons begin to jiggle, then tap the minus symbol (-) at the top left corner. The app will then disappear, "deleted" from the background dock (but not from your iPhone or iPod).

If the phone/pad is unresponsive, you might have to remove the battery (android) or empty the battery fully (iOS).

If you still have problem, please report a bug or get help at .

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