Welcome To DragonBox EDU!

This article will give you an introduction to DragonBox EDU and contains information about how to get started.

What is
DragonBox EDU?

DragonBox EDU is a platform that allows teachers and students to easily use the DragonBox games in a classroom setting. Currently, DragonBox Algebra 12+ is the only game on the platform, but DragonBox Elements should also be available before the end of 2014.

DragonBox EDU allows you to play the game on almost any Mac or PC (system requirements). You can also download the DragonBox EDU app for free in the Apple App Store and use your credentials from http://games.wewanttoknow.com/ to log in the app. In addition to being able to play DragonBox Algebra 12+ it also gives teachers access to reporting tools, so that they can follow the progression of their students.

How does it work?

DragonBox EDU is currently available online on two platforms: Unity WebPlayer and iOS. 

Unity WebPlayer makes it possible to run graphics heavy applications directly from your browser. In order to play DragonBox EDU in your browser the Unity WebPlayer plugin must be installed. You can read more about it here.

If you would like to play on your iPad or IPhone, you can also download DragonBox EDU for free from the Apple App Store and user your DragonBox EDU credentials to log into the app.

How to get started

1. Register your organization

2. Give access to other teachers

3. Give access to your students

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